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Add Python support on formula

Add Python support on formula

Like in other software (one that I use often is QGis), there is the option to use Python to run some basic script inside the formulas fields.
At this time, the formulas that you can use in parameters (like family parameters) are a headache, so it will be nice to have a little bit more power for the formulas and reuse the knowledge of widely used programming languages like Python.



Something related si SQL Queries, like ArcGIS or other Databases. 


Python or Design Script or something simple like Basic.


We have been asking for access to the families VIA "system parameters" like Door.Host.Rating (For a wall's fire rating) for nearly a decade now!

Yes please, this would be so nice! Why reinvent the wheel and make people's lives harder when you can just use an already existing programming language for formulas.


It's probably my favourite plugin, so have a look at PropertyWizard ( It allows you to synchronize any related parameter (host, level, ...) to a parameter of a category. You can then use it in schedules, tags etc.  Worth every dime!

While not supporting Python it still has some more features than vanilla Revit like string manipulation, try, if/then, unit conversion and other things. And it is live, so no manual updating necessary.

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