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Add more than one view template to a view

Add more than one view template to a view


It would be great, if you could add more than one view template to a view.

Ex. I would like have a primary view template to control all settings except links. Here I would love to have a secondary view template, which controls settings for links like being able to get a specific ARC linked view, that contains room tags instead of tagging on my own. In my ex. I would add a view template for each floor in the building, that specific controls Revit links and add that as a secondary view template.

Ad the moment I can add the secondary view template to the views, my it only effect when I add it and doesn't follow it afterwards, if there is changes to the secondary view template. If I make changes, I need to apply it again to all the floors.

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I'm not 100% following but I think you can solve your issue by not including certain things in your template with the check box. 

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