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Add Length Calculation to Multiple Selected Elements

Add Length Calculation to Multiple Selected Elements

Adding a tool that calculates total length (or total sf) of multiple selected elements. This would be very helpful for walls, roofs, and line-based detail items. I understand this can be done with a correctly set up schedule, but it is slow and cumbersome if you're looking for a quick one time calculation.


Related to this, it would be nice to have the ability to find the center of a complex set of connected lines or objects as well as its length (basically adding a drafting view polyline). This is important when doing life safety plans; we us a "path of travel" family for travel paths and it's difficult find the 'most remote spot' in a building between 2 points when the travel path between those 2 points is a complex line.


The question seems cumbersome at first look.

My fist answer would also be "Why not use Scheddule ? It's not so complicated !"


but 🙂


Is it not as cumbersome that when we are selecting several objects we cannot make the difference between empty properties or variable values (there are both showing blank ! ) ? And we sometimes overwrite some valid value in there just because there's no possibility to see that someone already filled something in ?


  • I would let the field "blank" if NONE of the selected elements have actual (or emptied) values in there
  • I would put an italic grey-out "various" value if there are different non-numeric values
  • I would put a "sum" value if there are different numeric values... 
    If possible I would also provide a "mean, min, max" value in a tooltip or in the statusbar as Excel do... but I don't know if it's feasible

The total length of selected elements could be shown next to the count of elements in the lower right corner..alike auto sum in excel


Hi @Anonymous, @jkbi 


we are currently working on a plugin that - among other things - does exactly that. If you are interested in participating as an early adaptor just let me know.








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