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Add Graphics Tab Shading & Patterns in Material Browser to schedule

Add Graphics Tab Shading & Patterns in Material Browser to schedule

The ability to add the graphics tab settings in the material browser to a schedule. That way when required you could indicate elements via color coding. You could then easily identify them with this color coding from the schedule when looking at a drawing.

Example how used.

Example 1:

If I was designing a plant with tanks of various sizes but each one was color coded with Water=Blue, Gas(Oxygen, Hydrogen...)=Cyan, Oil/Petrol/Diesel=Brown, Lubricant=Magenta... 

Example 2:

In a House Plan: Brick walls=Blue, insulated stud wall=magenta, non-insulated stud wall=yellow, concrete wall=grey...

Right now you have to create a detail item as a key legend and set the colors to match, but as above in the "house example" I might then change the brick graphics to red, but forget to do this in the detail item. If this was schedulable it would automatically update accordingly

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