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Add Foreground, Background option for all DWG linked files

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor negin on ‎03-28-2017 01:01 AM

Now when you import or link the dwg file to your model, in the insert view if you check the "current view only" box, then you have the option to set your DWG drawing foreground or background the model. But if you do not check the box then this option will not be available. 

I would like to have this available for both ways.



By: Advocate schlueter
| Posted ‎03-28-2017 06:41 AM

Would be nice if there were some more options. Like we say in germany .... at the moment we need to decide between pest or cholera.



Linked DWGs cover up all 3d elements in revit. This is nice if you want to do some kind of interference check but if you want to place some kind of thrid party interior plan this is not working.




This is just working for some kind of landscape oder location plans because any floor will be infront of the linked dwg file. Ok so you can hide the floor .... wait what? No way. Ok so you can just give the floor some surface transparancy ... wait what? Noooo... So every plan is raster processing and no vector processing anymore. I don't think so.





So i don't know the perfect way but for us it would be nice if we could put the dwg or linked file view on the layer just on top of the floor.





By: Advocate schlueter
| Posted ‎03-28-2017 07:01 AM

Ok we could use positioning in the model. This looks like the way we want it but then we have the linked dwg in every section, 3d and elevation view. If you use a linked-file-container.rtv its only working correct in the floorplan it was position in.





By: Contributor cSol
| Posted ‎04-03-2017 10:13 PM

We use a 2d-dwg-file-container.rvt and it works just very well. In elevations and 3d-views we just hide the linked 2d-dwg.rvt. 

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