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Add different color to totals at schedules

Add different color to totals at schedules

Revit should have more tools for formatting the schedules.

one of the most important features needed is to be able to differentiate the totals of the schedule , either by different font or different shading.


This improvement would be very important for German Revit users. Furthermore, we should be able to use totals in formulas.


In the Revit Wishlist 2017 in Germany it ranked #16 out of 52 wishes. You can find more information on


I have a "funny" sales person and he wants a schedule over a colored view....


You can color almost everything in a schedule.


Title and headers by Shading


When you use Striped rows and the color 254 255 255 you can color the body. even totally white.


But there is no way to controle the color of the grand totals?


My proposal.


Make coloring possible in the Schedule Properties menu. 

And give us controle over the color of the grand totals.

Also, I have text height here, add the color of the text. 


Kind regards Ron










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