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Add a Publish Now button to the Ribbon to publish the active C4R model to A360

Add a Publish Now button to the Ribbon to publish the active C4R model to A360

Currently publishing the active C4R to A360 requires the user to go into Manage A360 Models > Project > File > Actions > Publish.


Most of the time users are publishing the model they are in, so having a button similar to the Sync to Central buttons would cut down on clicks and make it faster.

Status changed to: Future Consideration

Something like this would be nice. It seems like a no brainer....


Publish Model.png

Status changed to: Gathering Support

To reorganize and consolidate our Revit Ideas for ease of use to both our customers and our product teams, we are no longer using the "Future Consideration" status for Revit Ideas. All Revit Ideas are always under review, and consolidating posts (and Kudos!) will give weight to topics previously spread across many posts. We are continuing to evaluate where this request falls into our roadmap and will provide an update when we have made a decision. 

Thank you for your contribution!


-The Factory


How is this still not a thing? so many unnecessary steps right now..

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