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about 3d views

about 3d views

It is unnecessary to open more than 2 windows while doing 3D modeling.
~90's programs technically had no choice, but today's 3D programs are not.

when playing games like Minecraft or The Sims,
does anyone open multiple new windows and look at the plan view or side view?

If you think that it is okay to be inaccurate because it is a game, but that is not correct.
other 3D programs have already evolved that way.

that's exactly what user wants and future goes.


to implement this....


I wrote this long, but it doesn't matter if you read or not.

It's been a long time since this program came out, and I think there have been many opinions like this.

there will be reasons why it is not applied, and people will tell me to adapt to Revit.

However, it is a program that has the magical power to make you want to say something.


1. It was good to add a Fly through mode from 2020,
but the lack of this mode is that cannot move the view by click and dragging the wheel.
It is irrational to cancel, move, and then turn on fly mode again.
The only time I use the keyboard combination to move together is
when eating snacks with my right hand.
Revit also almost made it possible to do a full presentation using only the mouse,
but it became impossible because this was omitted.

And the speed must be adjusted variably according to the distance between the orbit and the screen.

It makes for a more luxurious movement.
Just because it is very close, it should not be slowed down so much that it is infinitely similar.

it have to decide at what point it will penetrate. That is set as the near cut distance.

Currently, Revit's settings do not allow the magnification for left and right movement and zooming in and out forward and backward to be set differently. That's also the problem.


2. A more improvement perspective mode is needed.
It should be orthographic only when precise correction is required,
- degree of distortion must be adjustable
- there is no need to change the distortion reference plane of perspective depending on the view. It must be fixed based on the xy plane.
- and near cut.
the most important thing in perspective mode is not far cut, but near cut.
things like far cuts only affect loading that's not important in real works.
to judge the clash right in front the near cut is necessary. like naviswork did.
No matter where the user explores the project,
they should be able to view it with just a mouse without ever touching the cut view.
What is needed for that is a near cut.
The cut view should only be used when specifically desired or when cutting and inserting into a drawing.


3. It is inconvenient to place the center point of the orbit using "shift" after "selection". both of them is uncomfortable.
In navisworks, an orbit is placed on the surface of the object first touched by a ray from the mouse just by dragging wheel.
why not use it?

there may be any number of objects that the user cannot select.

example 1, when installing a light in a referenced building, is it reasonable to only orbit based on the light? or orbit on entire building?

example 2, when I want to turn a view by the one point of wall, by selecting entire wall is not good choice.
if user need to place a new object and there is nothing to select, but I want to place it based on its location?
one more problem here is why it does not provide individual selection for objects imported as external references. why was it blocked? 


4. The next step in handling everything in 3D view is improved snapping.
it should be able to take the snap I want from any 3d viewing angle.
and snap filters must also be provided for each item object.

and working plane is not good choice. A working plane in 3D is too confined to 2D.


for example, grap the end nodes of the duct even when looking at the back of the duct.
When moving something forward, it is more intuitive to look at the direction of progress and judge obstacles.
Rather than writing while looking at the snap direction and taking a step back.

It must have a strong snap to the xyz axis, and that is enough. not working plane.
It is more intuitive to be able to freely snap and fix the coordinate axis when modifying it, without being bound to the work plane.


5. Although it is convenient because the dimensions are automatically displayed,
but coordinates display tool bar is needed.
for cases where you cannot trust the coordinates of other workers in other departments.
there is an absolutely reliable reference coordinate
and an xyz coordinate window that displays the distance from it.
and all tools must be able to work based on coordinates.
When holding a snap, you can work more accurately and quickly if you lock the x, y, and z axes with shortcut keys and select them,
rather than using an inaccurate tool like shift.
From the MEP designer's perspective, elevation is just one of three coordinates. I don't know why it is treated as important in Revit.
Although BIM is for buildings,
it is simply a matter of setting the reference coordinates separately and organizing the folder structure well.
Elevation attribution is a different matter.
It's like expressing the transition from 2D drawings to 3D for the first time as if it's amazing.


6. + - calculation must be supported for all dimensions.
It is not intuitive to look at existing dimensions and mentally calculate numbers.
When entering a numerical value in a dimension,

text modification must occur on the screen, no matter how large it is. 


7. The selected object must be visible in the view through any obstacles.
Even when you flip the project over, you should see that you selected the object on the 100th floor of the building.


8. If user has a box view in the view cube, it must rotate the view cube only within it. not entire buildings bounding box.


9. the steering wheel is not good choice.

It's just good to show off at a program demonstration or something not for modeling.
all things related to views should not exist as special functions,

but should operate as basic functions with very simple operations.




These are all wildly different ideas and as such should each have their own post. How do you expect people to vote for this when they may like one idea and dislike others?

I agree with all of these, but also agree with @mhiserZFHXS . Please separate these into multiple ideas. They are more likely to be implemented that way.

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