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Ability to Save As Family a Detail or Model Group

Ability to Save As Family a Detail or Model Group

I went looking for this idea today to add my vote and was amazed that this idea is not already on the board.  If I missed it somewhere, please let @kimberly.fuhrman know.  


I'd like the ability to save a group (Detail or Model) as a family.  We can save the group as a project, why not as a family?


When selecting Save As Family on a group, it would take you to the Family Template folder to select a Family Template to start from.  Then it would copy those elements into the family.  And then you could save the family.


Detail Groups should be simple I would think.


Model Groups would be a bit more tricky, (system families, system family hosted families, etc.), but I'm sure the Autodesk engineers could figure out some tricks!  Or give the feature some exceptions.  e.g. No system families or system family hosted families in the Model Group.


Thank you!

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I agree 100% and am too shocked this has yet been requested or addressed. 


In projects where many details or schematics are created we often generate groups to decide on the look of details and symbols used. If we could use the project environemt to help us generate the "grouped details" used repetitively it would allow for easy transfter into standized families that can then be used in sync once hosted on centralized content libraries. As we all know, too many groupes in a project causes sluggish performance and ends up leaving a mess if not properly managed. 

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