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Ability to "LIKE" a comment on the Revit Ideas board

Ability to "LIKE" a comment on the Revit Ideas board

Simple thing, but as we all know, there are a lot of these ideas that are great.  And then a lot of ideas are added to in the comments.  Great suggestions to add to the original posted idea.  I'd like the ability to indicate to Autodesk that not only do I like the original idea, but I also really like this additional idea mentioned in this comment or if I don't like an idea in a comment, I just don't "Like" that one, but I "Like" the other two comments. 


If we don't like the "Like" option, it could be an "Agree" button... "I agree with this comment also."


The normal "Revit Architecture Forum " can do this.  I can like the original post as well as any comments to that. 


Just my little "idea" to make the Ideas forum better.


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For those that like voting and seeing what types of ideas and comments are out there, I also have this idea regarding a ranking system of sorts for our votes:


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