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Ability to lock worksets and view templates

Ability to lock worksets and view templates

I believe most projects have model managers who "should" be the only people allowed to change worksets or view templates, but new users are constantly editing and unchecking or checking boxes they aren't supposed to. If there could be a lock feature on these things or a way to "check them out", that would be amazing.

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Is there an answer for this?


I am not sure why this is not a priority for Autodesk and in my experience stuff like this should be standard throughout the Revit platform for anyone that uses the multi user format (Worksharing).  It is difficult how Revit moves so SLOW in its development often having to wait years for a fix that half works.  Although there have been a few enhancement that are usefully and/or handy, the stuff that requires tons of workarounds or live with the bad drafting standards change driven by "Revit cann't do that" is very annoying at the least and may or may not never address the issues that cause that statement to be made daily. 


It is already 5 years old, any response from Autodesk?

it would be great to have an option of locking the templates. Dear Autodesk-Team is there any option to manage it?

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This is 100% needed.  As VDC or BIM Managers, it is our responsibility to ensure standards are in place throughout a project.  The only way to ensure that there can be no modifications or deviations from those standards is to have the ability to "lock" view templates set up based on company standards.


Please enhance the product Revit 2022 with view template locking functionality to avoid accidental editing from other users

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