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Ability to group parts

Ability to group parts

Parts is a very useful tool, Groups is a very useful tool, but they are not friends.


If I am modelling a residential building, in which I use the Groups tool a lot because the dwellings are the same, I have to repeat all the work with parts in each copy of the group.


The only solution is to use links instead of groups, but it's not ideal.

Also when using parts for precast elements, which are repeated a lot and are the same, links is not an option, and plugins are not enough.



Actually you can group parts but in order to do that - change the view to see originals, group original objects used to create parts - and the parts are also grouped. Now you can use these groups as usually and in views set to parts visibility - you'll see parts. It is kind of workaround but much easier than linking parts


Mileta, what you say is not true (at least with walls and revit 2018.2)


Hi again,
I'm not sure what's your use-case and the goal of your grouping, but here's a very brief workaround done in Revit 2018.2:

Workaround - Revit 2018.2


l'm talking about this: Grouping parts

Not applicable

Yes, really tricky..They should fix that.


Yes, it's actually the divide parts (or modification of the divide) that doesn't follow in the group. Grouping parts does work, but if the divide parts tool is used on the elements parts in the group, then the divide will not propagate to the other group members.

Very annoying that you have to repeat the divide on every instance. Surely not what groups were made for.


Hahaha, loved the video by @ivan_guerra — the sense of humor in the mouse motion . . .

But it depicts exactly my problem. It seems that parts are programmed to behave independently as a resource of design freedom, but it's actually going against productivity in many cases.

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