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Ability to filter layers on links by name

Ability to filter layers on links by name

When going through the DWG-s from a building that is to be renovated, I often have to turn off or change the color of lots of layers. In AutoCAD, much of this is done simply by searching/filtering for a few repeating terms, e.g. "section" or layers starting with a spesific system number. In Revit, I have to manually scroll through every linked file in the "Overrides Import" in visibility/graphics and tick the checkmarks. I want this ability in Revit as well.

not only for dwg layer but for all links, and family catogories please see following links. This would include a search for a specific layer in a dwg at per your idea

I agree - this becomes especially burdensome when the drawing is linked into a linked Revit file. The option to select layers and hide them is no longer an option in this situation, so you're forced to use the menu system. You may not even know the name of the layer you need to disable, so you end up having to open the file in AutoCAD, then gather a list of the offending layers, then go back and hide them in Revit. It's a huge waste of time.

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