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Ability to differentiate nosing and tread material

Ability to differentiate nosing and tread material

As is, nosing profiles merge into the tread. Add the ability to differentiate the two materials. By default, they could remain merge, but perhaps there could be a "Nosing Material" within the stair run type properties. If the materials matched, they'd merge. If different, they'd be shown as such, like most other Revit components.


This would help to more accurately and quickly model and detail stairs in which a nosing may be applied, separate from the tread, as in the case with vinyl stair tread covers.


For example, in the attached image, I've got a vinyl stair tread cover which slightly overhangs the tread. As is, the nosing and tread are merged material, as reflected in the upper right tread. In the lower right tread, I've had to manually add a detail component to differentiate these materials. This is an excellent opportunity for some automation.


Also relevant for metal pan stairs, which we cannot realistically create with the current tool because the pan and the finish merge into one object. 



Here the law requires all public & commercial stairs to have a contrast nosing. Workarounds include putting a second stair in the same place with nosings as treads and using the riser as a nosing.


I can't believe Revit stairs functionality haven't been improved for this long. Making stairs more customizable is necessary including adding material and length parameter to the nosings

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