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Ability to change the level of any type of wall hosted family

Ability to change the level of any type of wall hosted family

The case for why we need this quite overdue ability?

If a wall hosted object is placed on the wrong level there is no ability to adjust it to any other level as the constraints for the level is greyed out.
The only fix is to delete the object, go to the intended level and add the family from there!
To elaborate further, the only way to have a wall hosted family (excluding windows and doors) located on the intended level is to go to that particular level and then add the wall hosted family. 


What does this mean?

It means a user cannot add a wall hosted object from a section or elevation or 3D view and expect to be able to adjust the object to the intended level. You can of course do this with a window or door which baffles me why other wall hosted objects don't have the same privilege?

Here is an example case,  you are drawing a repetitive design like townhouses that are stepping down the street and would like to duplicate the layout by copying it but using your stepped down levels which have different RLs.
The copied wall layout can be adjusted to the new levels but any wall-based families in the layout cannot which means there is no choice but to delete them and recreated them on the new level each and every time! 
Why not make this process much easier and have Revit allow any wall hosted objects the ability to change the level they are constrained to?







Agreed and the problem seems to manifest itself in other ways than when you copy and paste.  It seems that if you try to place families in elevation or section at all, it will default to the last level used or most recent level created without providing the user with any choice.  We placed families for power outlets and switches all over the building and did not discover this until I had to change the level of an adjacent building.  All the outlets moved and the level is grayed out.  Nothing we can do but keep them on the wrong level and manually adjust the elevation.  It is not convenient to work in plan or to have to work between plan and elevation views for something like this.  And there is no way this issue could have been foreseen.


I only use hosted families for those applications so that they are not
reliant on walls to be hosted in any case e.g. you can host them on things
like cabinetry or columns etc.
If you are interested I can share the way I do the families and the tags
showing their heights if you like?

Hosted objects.jpg


Still can't do this.  I place a group on a level, and if I have a wall-hosted object in that group that is above that level (split level design), it associates with the closest level below it, not the level I'm placing it in.   

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