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A simple drag and drop option in the Project Browser

A simple drag and drop option in the Project Browser

With the permission of one of the customers, I wanted to present an enhancement request for Revit. An idea came up to allow quick and easy sorting of views, sheets, schedules etc. in Project Browser by using drag and drop option. Additionally, the user wanted to create subcategories like a folders to which they could quickly move views containing a particular object. Currently, is possible can sort and group items by selected property and specify 6 levels of grouping. It is necessary to name views appropriately so that they can be found in the desired folder after the specified parameter.

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Hi, @rafal.lewandowski ! Thank you for posting this for our customer! There are a few similar Ideas:


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If you agree, I can combine this post with one or more of the above Ideas.

Thank you for your submission!


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