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A loadable family template that can host system families and be set to room bounding

A loadable family template that can host system families and be set to room bounding

A 3D level-hosted 'dynamic block' (to use AutoCad terminology) with schedulable nested elements is needed for projects with repeating layouts (i.e. apartments, hospitality, healthcare room types, meeting rooms, etc.), prefabricated systems (i.e. bathroom pods, cubicles, office pods, etc.), and most other modular/standardised components containing a room accessed by a door.


At the moment we have three options for modelling and managing these common elements; model groups, multiple linked model instances, or relatively complex custom workarounds. None of these are straightforward and can introduce unnecessary process complexities, user issues and/or model performance problems.


Non-exhaustive examples of common outputs: Count of elements, location of elements, count of element type variations, and schedules of element contents (i.e. rooms, walls, ceilings, flooring, doors, furniture, sanitaryware, equipment, etc.)


Architectural column family?

I would include that in the workaround category as they result in limited functionality and problems with levels and origins when grouped. Architectural column families also can't host wall families, doors in those walls, or other loadable families for scheduling.

Olá @eprunty1  Obrigado por compartilhar sua idéia, isso vai trazer otimização ao produto. 

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