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A joist system tool

A joist system tool



Revit is a really great program for making concrete structures, where the elements are simply rectangular prisms, or steel structures, where the elements are spaced further out and more specific in their placement. Where I always find it falls short is in wood framing. I think I have some solutions that would be fairly easy to implement, and an extra that may prove slightly more complicated.



I'd like to show joists for my floor. I'm using a Beam System right now and filling in the ends with separate "beams" so that the whole thing makes a square. This is both extra work and also means that a Beam System Tag doesn't reflect what I'm actually trying to show. That is, a tag goes to the second and second last joists in the system, stopping early.


Joist System Tool:

What I would be looking for is a tool that works almost exactly the same as Beam System does except that the boundaries parallel to the joist direction also have joists justified such that they are completely within the boundary. 


Joist System Tag:

The related new tag would go in two directions, both ends going boundary to boundary. Perpendicular would be arrowheads to show the extent of the system, and parallel would show direction. An option to have the information ride one line or the other would be great for legibility.


Extra/wish list:

It would be nice to see this as something even simpler, where layers on floor/wall/roof assemblies could come with an additional field regarding a) spacing for structural members or strapping/furring/purlins and have them be able to show up and tagged as mentioned above. This would make it so easy to do structural framing plans or show details, and schedules would become trivial if we could also included nested items like insulation between studs. As an extra, extra bonus, this could even mean collaboration between structural and architectural models becomes much simpler.





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