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5-wire distribution system

5-wire distribution system

I need to change the number of wires under Electrical Settings > Distribution systems. Current options are 3 or 4 wires for three-phase. Revit cannot create a 5-wire distribution system, the fifth wire representing a dedicated neutral wire. I need 5 wires where 3 wires are the phases, 1 wire is grounding and 1 wire is neutral.

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Term "ground" is not quite clear. There are more options: - protective grounding conductor - functional earthing/grounding conductor - protective earthing/grounding and functional earthing/grounding conductor conductor - protective earthing/grounding and functional bonding conductor ... (see IEC 60050-195)

I have chcecked the terminology according to the IEC 60050-195. I need to create 5-wire distribution system in Revit > solidly grounded neutral system - TN-S - where S is defined by “Separated” which means that the neutral and PE conductors are separated > three phases (L1, L2, L3), protective conductor (PE) - term by IEC 60050-195 and neutral conductor (N).


See UK standard BS7671.


Equipotential Bonding conductor

PEN conductor - Protective earth and neutral

CPC - Circuit protective conductor

TNS - Earth and Neutral Separate

TNCS - Earth and Neutral Combined & Separate

SELV - Separated extra-low voltage

PELV - Protected extra-low voltage

ELV - Extra low voltage

LV - Low voltage

MV - Medium voltage

HV - High voltage

MET - Main Earth Terminal

Ring circuits

Circuits that measure along a containment system rather than as the crow flies

Lightning protection systems

Surge protection systems

High integrity earthing

Clean earth conductors

IT, TT, earth nests, LV and HV Earthing across transformers etc......

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@pavel.homan - what would adding an option for '5 wires' enable you to do?  Presently, if you circuit a 3-phase piece of equipment, you, in fact, do have 5 wires as you described.. 3 phase, one neutral, and one ground.




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Closing this as implemented, as the desired outcome of "I need 5 wires where 3 wires are the phases, 1 wire is grounding and 1 wire is neutral." is possible in the software already.  Please feel free to add additional information or clarification if there are other previously unmentioned requirements or goals.


I hate to resurrect an old thread. I've come across this problem when searching for a way to implement dual neutral distribution systems. Some of my clients require 200% neutral bars for their panels hence 2 neutral wires are needed. So if I count the ground wire, I'd end up with 6 wires in total. 


Unless I modify my panel schedules to make the 'Wires' field manually set, I don't see a way to have this information readily available within the model.

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Status changed to: Implemented

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