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4k Display Support

4k Display Support

 Title says all, I suggest 4k Display support for imminent future of higher resolutions. 


This has been implemented in 2017.1 



Revit should be able to have a "4k" option to have all icons + menus scaled to fit the monitor 3840x2160 (4k) resolution.

Actually, the only ways to have decent icons and menus size on a 4k monitor are:


  • to have Windows scale options activated, which is not recommended to use with Revit.... and reduces the resolution as well.
  • if you have multiple monitors AND Revit 2019, have your revit main window on a lower resolution monitor (for example 1680x1050 on a 22'' monitor) and a drag windows on the 4k monitor (since it's now available with r2019). But you won't work with same resolution monitors.





When making use of more monitors with different resolutions and scalings, text and icon become blurry when moving from e.g. a 4k monitor (150% scaling)  to a HD monitor (100% scaling).

Programs that are working fine with scaling are programmed as "per monitor scaling".

Autodesk products are "system scaling". It only works fine when logoff/logon.  Until you change the program to another monitor, you can start over again.


Please fix this Autodesk.

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Autodesk, we no longer use small monitors with small resolutions. Often have to back out of views to see the adjuster crop region dot. Has anyone else wished they added more adjustment dots? Especially on a 4k monitors this would be great. 







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