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3D section box outline highlight

3D section box outline highlight

Working on the mechanical side of Revit I use a 3D section box a lot to quickly check clearances.  Maybe I am daft but I end up often moving the wrong side of my 3D section box when expanding or shrinking the section view.  It would be helpful if the outline of the side of the section box highlighted when you mouse over the pickbox in a 3D view to change the size of the section box.  This would show that I have selected the bottom of the section box and not the rear facing plane of the section box.


In addition (instead of?), I'd like to see grips at the corners of the box.

Here's another similar post :



Other software examples seen highlight the entire face of the side in question. 

BIM360 (Autodesk Docs) and ReCap Pro both have much better section boxes. Even 3D PDFs have better controls. Please implement something along those lines. The [blue] grips are almost impossible to find when using Shaded visiual styles.

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