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3D Animations / Timelapses Using Phasing and Timelines in REVIT

3D Animations / Timelapses Using Phasing and Timelines in REVIT

Hello Dear Autodesk Team,


Firstly - I do want to say that we are all appreciating your efforts, however, there is room for improvement and would like to recommend the following as I don't understand why this is not possible at the moment (all the tools are in place and it seems that REVIT is a perfect fit to do this):


  • Timelapse animation based on phasing (similar to navisworks)

I do believe that clients and professionals alike (that are using your products) will benefit greatly from being able to do this in Revit without having to export a model and add further complications, practice based work-arounds and an increased delay and cost.


I do have other suggestions but would like to keep this concise and short.


P.S: Many thanks for your assistance, we do like your products but it certainly needs improving if it is to remain a market leader.


Kind Regards,


MCIAT and BIM Enthusiast

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Could you bring Timeliner feature from Navisworks to Revit, please? 

Design phase needs time scheduling too, just like the erection phase. 

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