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You do not currently have access to Autodesk Collboration for Revit AGAIN

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You do not currently have access to Autodesk Collboration for Revit AGAIN

Okay, We are working a couple projects now with the GC in BIM 360 Team Collaboration for Revit (2017). The GC owns rights to C4R. Most all of our users working these projects have easy access without issue... excepting for this one problem user\computer.


I read in posts where they are saying that you should log into to see if you have BIM 360 Team Collaboration for Revit entitlements in your Autodesk Profiles... and, I've looked... and this does not show up on our account... However, like I said... all of our users working this have access without issue... again... excepting for this one user.


The problem computer is one of two new computers that were recently configured and place on their desks. Both of these were configured and Autodesk software was installed in the same identical manner by myself. I looked to see that Collaboration for Revit 2017 is installed, and indeed it is.


Now tell me... if you have a number of seats of AEC Collection, should you actually see BIM 360 Team Collaboration for Revit Entitlement on your PRODUCTS & SERVICES. I DO NOT SEE THIS... but still several of our users can access without issue as well as this other computer referenced in the last paragraph.


Please help!

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Hi Mike,


Collaboration for Revit (C4R) is not included in the AEC Collection and requires the purchase of a separate entitlement to use the service. You can purchase C4R directly through the Autodesk EStore or from your reseller. The other option is to have the GC assign entitlements to your users.


We are still in the process of rolling out entitlement enforcement. I highly recommend making sure that anyone using the service have a valid entitlement assigned to their account to prevent future service disruptions.




Sasha Crotty
Director, AEC Design Data

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It looks as if our other 5 users who can access C4R model are doing so as a direct result of the GC assigning access from within they're own Autodesk Account from they're own subscription of Collaboration For Revit.


Can you confirm that this entitlement enforcement should not at all affect these users?  

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