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You are not a member of any project - nothing works

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You are not a member of any project - nothing works


Everyone at the office can access this new project without problems, except me. 

I keep getting this message:




















Health dashboard is fine.

We are all using the same version.

BIM 360 is fine and I can see all the files.

Tried signing out and then signing in again. 

If I sign in with any other user it works, so it's not a problem with my PC. 

The default hub is fine. 

Tried running the security fix. 


I also tried reinstalling /repairing Revit 2018.3, nothing changed. 

We ran out of options, so what can I do? 




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I hope all is well. 


There are a few things that can cause this.


First try signing into Revit with the email that was spent for this project, not the user name. 


Make sure the project is being access in either BIM 360 Team or Document Management. 

Make sure you have Collaboration for Revit inside your manage account. 

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Hi, Eric!


Thank you for your reply.

We tried everything, even your suggestions, but it didn't work. 

But somehow, after signing in and out multiple times, I could see the project! 


I have no clue what happened, but everything is ok now. 


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