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Worksharing with 3 users

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Worksharing with 3 users

I am a student and in my last semester of school. This semester we are working in a team environment. The problem is my team is three people who live in three different cities with three different computers. We need to use worksharing and worksets. How do we go about this? We have tried Yammer and Dropbox so far and that did not work. Do we need to use a Cloud system? Can anyone give me advice with as much detail as possible so I can pass it along to my teammates.


Thanks in advance

Jen Schultz

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What you need is C4R Collaboration for Revit. It's a web based project collaboration solution for this very need. You'll need to purchase a license for each user that will be worksharing on a Revit project.


This link will provide everything you need to get started and how it works:

C4R Collaboration for Revit

If this information was helpful, please consider using the Accept Solution

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in reply to: Darin.Green

Thanks for the response, but I found out that our student software doe not allow for worksharing and worksets. The three of us are using A360 with a shared file. Each of us does our part and updates the file, then the next person takes over. So far it's working great. 🙂



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