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I have a problem working in one scheme and sharing with colleagues to apply the PIM system
Note that I do not have a network
I tried to raise it on the cloud, which 360 was rejected


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in reply to: aljamlani


Can you give more information? What is a PIM? 

Can you share the error messages you received?

Thank you!

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in reply to: Basam.Yousif


can not choose the second !!


BIM system ex.jpg

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in reply to: aljamlani

I see.

You have to have a "360 Team" account with Autodesk, and after you set it up, and start your first project, then this option will be enabled, but then there might be a limitation on the country. I don't think this service is available in all countries. What country are you in?


Anyways, here is the link to the website so you can check it and sign up:


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in reply to: Basam.Yousif

yes i have an account I am in saudi arabia but i do not work

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in reply to: aljamlani

Log into your account and create a new project. That should enable the option. Or at lease will help solve the issue.

I assume you are logged into the same Autodesk account in both the browser and in Revit. Try log out and log back in...

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in reply to: Basam.Yousif


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in reply to: aljamlani

Please refer to below link:



This could be caused by one of the following:

  • BIM 360 Collaboration for Revit has not been enabled for your user account.
  • Your BIM 360 Team account has not been created.
  • Revit is not able to verify access to Collaboration for Revit due to a network restriction.


You can check access by going to and verify A360 Collaboration for Revit, and A360 Team show up. 

User-added image 

If they are not listed, you will need to contact your Contract Manager or Software Coordinator so that they can add those services. 

If they are listed, make sure your A360 Team hub is set up by hitting the Access Now button or by logging into

If your A360 Team hub is setup, try logging out and back into your account within Revit. 
Note: If your login appears to be successful but you are immediately logged out again, try closing any other Revit sessions and retry. 

If logging out and back in does not clear the issue (or you are unable to log back in), see the article Proxy server settings changes required to unblock Autodesk A360 services for information on what URLs need to be accessible to use the service.

Mostafa Elashmawy
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