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Worksets and central model problem

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Worksets and central model problem

Hi, i'm having some trouble with worksets, i've seen a lot of vedeos and guides (autodesk's ones too) about that and i got how it works, the only problem I have is about the central model..


If I save the central model in my pc (for examle in Desktop)then I can collaborate with 2 sessions of revit opened (with different nicknames) on the same model, but if I try to collaborate with another pc it doesn't work.


I know I have to save the central model to a network or something similar to share it live with those who works with me on that model, but I can't manage to do that..I tryied with Dropbox and Drive but it doesn't work..


Online I just can't find a clear explaination of what kind of service should I use to save it and collaborate on the same model from different computers, any help to make it clear?

thanks for your help.




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All users need to be able to access the model in the same way in order for this to work.  Each user must have a unique user name as well and read write access to the file location.


Revit is very particular about how you access the central can only create a local file in Revit by browsing to the central file location in the same way that it was created otherwise create new local will be grayed out.


So for example I saved my central file to my network using the following path:  \\Pc-sp01\g\_Support Testing\_S_Testing\Projects\2015\projectname.rvt


All users must get to this file the exact same way or they won't be able to create a local file through Revit.  



Path to Central




Can't create local because the path is different (ie using a mapped drive)


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