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Working with Revit Models on WAN

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Working with Revit Models on WAN

My team is working with a workshare enabled Revit Model that is located on a sharepoint so that it can be accessed outside of VPN. We have each mapped the appropriate path and created local copies of the models on our C Drives however occasionally a user get an error that an element or workset can not obtain permission to edit. Additionally at that time the users will not be able to sync the local file back to the central model. Upon attempting to sync the user gets the "File not saved" error, sometimes after several attempts sometimes the user will be able to sync their local model otherwise they have to abandon their changes and create a new local. Also, upon further inspecting the latency when sync back the central models increased dramatically (~300ms) at times. 


1. Is there a better workflow we looking to using? I see that BIM 360 is being offered to those affect by the COVID19 perhaps this would alleviate the issues we're experiencing? 

2. Follow up to BIM 360 is it FEDRamp certified? Unfortunately as a government client I'm somewhat restricted to FEDRamp'd  cloud options. 

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Hello @jacksobp welcome to the Autodesk forums and thank you for the question!


  1. I would expect BIM 360 Design to provide a better workflow if you can use it. For more information on BIM 360 Design as well as other options for working remotely with Revit, see the following link Remote working with Revit
  2. Autodesk intends to obtain FedRAMP authorization for certain products and platforms. However, we do not currently have this authorization. The following page on our Trust Center shows the compliance/certifications of our products/services:

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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There are no Autodesk products listed on the FEDRAMP page, even under the "In Process" category.


Is there any update on this? Any timeline for completion? Or has the FEDRAMP approval process been abandoned? 


Maybe offer a version with the all of the cloud features disabled for federal contractors?


I'd like to know so I can determine if I need to start learning a different CAD program.

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