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Working NAS solution Revit worksharing

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Working NAS solution Revit worksharing

Hey smart people! We need to implement Revit worksharing on one simple project and I'm looking for a cheap and simple solutions that could substitute BIM360 cloud. I'm thinking NAS and hoping that this community already has a working solution for us since i don't really want to test every possible configuration of hardware and software settings. For some reason there are not so many solutions on web and people prefer to pay $1000 a year/seat to have a fancy cloud storage deal. Another option is making Revit file sharing work with Onedrive/Dropbox, which honestly would be ideal (for users, not for Autodesk). Any thoughts?    Thank you!

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Don't go there. It's not that simple, and if you search, you will find it's not worth the trouble.

Your options are Revit Server, Panzura, Nasumi or similar ..If you check the cost of these solutions, you will find C4R is the better Deal. Maybe you don't need Worksharing? You can have Cloud Models in BIM360 as part of your Subscription, but then only one person at a time can work in the Model.

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