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Work Sharing Monitor not showing all users

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Work Sharing Monitor not showing all users


We're currently using Revit 2016 & WSM 2016 across 3 offices - the main site and location of the models is in the UK and the 2 remote offices are in Poland.

We have Riverbed WAN accelerators in place alongside Talon software to allow all of this to work relatively smoothly.

The issue I'm having at the moment is with WSM.

In the UK you can see all users currently accessing the models.

In the Polish offices they can only see the Polish users.

2 queries

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Is anyone else working across multiple offices in different countries and NOT experiencing this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @GaryAiken1964


I see you are experiencing problems with Worksharing monitor in regards to users. According to your explanation and my understanding to the problem  please take a look at this link below:


Revit: Worksharing Monitor improperly identifies user status


Let me know if this helps.


 Kind regards,

Josselyn Reyes
Autodesk Revit Technical Support
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Unfortunately that's not the answer.  The users in the satellite office are on a different IP range but if that was an issue I would expect both sites to only see local users and that's not the case here.

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in reply to: GaryAiken1964

Hi there, I imagine you have already fixed your problem but in case you haven't, I've created a work-sharing monitor alternative. 


I recently created a plugin that works similar to the work-sharing monitor and it fixes the issue of 2 people trying to sync at the same time. It will put them in a queue and the 2nd person will sync once the first one finishes. 


you can find it here:


Hope this helps. 


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