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Why IFC can't be linked using shared coordinates?

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Why IFC can't be linked using shared coordinates?

Hi all,


I am wondering why there is not an option to link an IFC file using Shared coordinates. 


For example if you bring the (Architectural)IFC in Navisworks, it comes in the right place (right place - as all the other IFCs -M&E, Structural Model etc.). If I try to link it in Revit, it says it's miles away.



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in reply to: petrinaemanuel

Have you found a solution to this? We have the same problem in our office...


IFCs are in the correct position in Solibri - the wrong position in Revit.


When we like the Native Revit Files by Shared Coordinates, they are in the correct position.


However, our two collaborators have different Internal Origins, which is causing the discrepancy. I.e. when Revit links an IFC it can only link by Origin to Origin... what a disaster...

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i supose to open your IFC in the Navisworks and transform the Coordinates to 0,0,0 then save it and try to open it in the Revit it will doing well.

 and try to see the attached links may you find your answer as well 

How to control coordinates when exporting from Revit to IFC | Revit Products 2019 | Autodesk Knowled...

Using IFC files with a Shared Coordinates system – Cadline Community


Best Regards,,

Mohamed Nassar

BIM Engineer At SBS

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Mohamed Nassar , ACP, Autodesk Ambassador Gold
BIM Support / Structure Modeler

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