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Which the best form to connect Revit with other servers

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Which the best form to connect Revit with other servers

Good Day my  friends of Autodesk! 😃 

I am very new in this. I have a question about the function of collaborate of Revit. 


I need connect my server with other server for to work in collaboration.  my ask is: what is the best cloud to share information in revit and use the tool collaborate? 


Have a nice day!, 


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Hello, salvadore_gonzales


Autodesk has two solutions for Collaboration with Revit.
Revit Server
Collaboration 4 Revit

In short Revit Server Software is included in your Revit license. The setup will need a server (Host) and if you want to do it correctly another sever (accelerator) on each geographic location.
See hyperlink for more information about this setup.

Collaboration for Revit is a different setup. You can get a license for Collaboration 4 Revit and you will get access to BIM360 Team also.
On BIM360 Team you can create a project and use that project as cloud location for your Revit Model. Every person that needs access to the Revit model will need Collaboration 4 Revit license.
See hyperlink for more information about this setup.


I would really like to hear from you if this will solve your problem or you have any more questions.
For all other Forum members, it would be nice if you mark the reply as a “Solution” when it answers your question.


Good Luck,

Niels Oomen

Best regards,
Niels Oomen
Cadac Group BV
Sr Consultant AEC

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in reply to: Anonymous

Kudos to the above post. And yes, Collaboration for Revit (C4R) is a great option for dispersed Revit teams and consultants to work on the same Revit project!


Here are some more links on C4R

Collaboration for Revit -Overview

Collaboration for Revit -Subscribe

How to Get Started with Your A360 Collaboration for Revit Subscription

C4R help document

A360 Team: Contract Assignment Workflow


Also, there are several Autodesk University 2016 free classes now posted on C4R that include video, downloadable class materials or both: Collaboration for Revit - 2016


This is a pretty helpful video too, IMAGINiT Technologies presentation from December 2015: Revit Server vs. Collaboration for Revit



If my reply was helpful, please give a "Kudo" or click the "Accept as Solution" button below (or both). 

Martin Stewart
AEC Support Specialist

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