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Where are SLOG files stored for Cloud models?

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Where are SLOG files stored for Cloud models?

when we were running jobs from our internal company's network, SLOG files were kept in the same drive and folder as our Revit Central File.   But where are SLOG files kept for cloud models?


Surely, Autodesk hasn't pulled access to these?   or have they?

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in reply to: mdhutchinson

Thank you for the question @mdhutchinson!


Worksharing log files (SLOG) are used by Revit as part of the file-based worksharing workflow, but cloud worksharing is a significantly different environment.


In reviewing the locally cached files used for cloud worksharing, I’m not finding SLOG files created.


What information are you looking for from the SLOG files?

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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in reply to: Lance.Coffey

I was reviewing Journal files and SLOG is mentioned but there is no clear location.

We were looking at an issue and was hoping to find a clue.  However, I think we fixed them via this link on Proxy Server and domain exceptions. 

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Hi @Lance.Coffey


I came across this thread because I was also looking for the .slog file.
I used to use the slog file to determine which revit version all the users on the file are on.

Is there perhaps a way to do this with cloud shared models?

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Hello @marcell_linde,


I'm not finding similar logs (or info available through the interface), but there is a history of the Revit build used to save the document written to the journal when opening the model.


To find this, open the cloud model in question, and then search for "Document save history" (without the quotes) in the Revit journal.

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist

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