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When I upgrade a revit 2020 bim360 model to revit 2023, does it become an Autodesk Docs model?

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When I upgrade a revit 2020 bim360 model to revit 2023, does it become an Autodesk Docs model?

I know how to upgrade the cloud shared model on bim360 from its current revit 2020 version to revit 2023 version. I  tested the upgrade and it can successfully be upgraded. What i need to know, and cant seem to find an answer to, is if once its upgraded, does it become an autodesk docs model? Or will i need to manually create a new project profile on docs and reupload the files and re-add all of the team members. I'd like to have everything in the latest software and cloudshare version. I am nervous to go through with the upgrade just to find out that its still stuck in bim360, because I'd like to maintain the 2020 version throughout the process until i successfully have it set up in autodesk docs ready to go. FYI I have already downloaded the latest source file from bim360 locally as a backup.

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from what i understand, if your project is upgraded from 2020 to 2023, members and access will stay the same and the whole setup will only work with Revit 2023. if you want to maintain the 2020 version, i think its better to keep your original version and start a new project in 2023.

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When you upgrade, the "project" on BIM360 will not upgrade to AutoDesk Docs.  It will remain on Bim360 but the actual Revit model will be verson 2023.  I believe its possible to migrate from one to another using the Autodesk Replication Tool.  Haven't tried it myself, but will need to later this year for all old stuff due to End of Life.

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