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Whats the Difference between Syncing with Central and Saving Locally

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Whats the Difference between Syncing with Central and Saving Locally

So I'm alittle new to using BIM360. What is the difference between syncing to central and saving locally?  when i'm done working on a Revit project were should I save it, with syncing to central or save a local copy and then when I'm done moving walls etc. then Sync to central. Does syncing to Central with BIM 360 save all my changes? Just wondering on what the best work flow with our company having 4 Revit users on the same model?

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Hello @JacobGallesVisionBuilders 


Syncing with central on a BIM 360 project will ensure your work you did will be saved. 


When you first open a BIM 360 project it will create a hidden cache file inside your computer, when you sync with central the new information will be saved there.


Best practice would be using the sync with central feature. Saving locally will not be shown to other users. 


There is a similar forum post about central file and Kyle helps better explain the mechanic of this process.

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