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What is deleting the Collaborate addins?

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What is deleting the Collaborate addins?

This nightmare all started because my yearly BDSP license converted to AEC Collection for the 2018 cycle and my existing Revit installs (2016, 2017) did not recognize my new AEC Collection license. So I had to uninstall and re-install 2016 and 2017.


Somehow, in the process, the 2017 C4R addin went missing. Other addins were there, in the 2017 addins folder, just not C4R. After a handful of uninstalls and re-installs I worked out that I had to completely delete all traces of 2017 from the computer before the 2017 installer would re-install the C4R addin. (The Autodesk Uninstall Tool makes this process much easier.) So I got 2017 C4R working again. Awesome.


But now, the C4R addin for my previously-working-fine 2018 install is gone! What. The. Heck!


What am I doing wrong here? 


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