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What does it look like when someone doesn't relinquish?

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What does it look like when someone doesn't relinquish?

Hi everyone, brand new Revit user so cut me a little slack. I am the only person at our company that does any Revit drawings, but I still save a central file on the server and create a local, all that jazz. The problem is that when I get arch, scruch, and mech models and I link them all into my project the mechanical is locked up tight and I cant make any adjustments to the engineers drawing. That's fire for the arch and struch because I have no need to move any of that stuff other than maybe add some clearance boxes for the angle of repose under and around column pads. Is this a result of the mech engineer not relinquishing before sending me his central model? I can select a piece of pipe, but all the properties are greyed out and so are some functions like the move button. Is this what it looks like when someone fails to relinquish? What else are give away signs that it wasn't relinquished?

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Check the Workset and it will show "who's the Owner of workset.


If Mech Workset is locked then it should show You as a borrower, but wont allow you to change

anything cause its still Owned by mech guys and they need to relinquish it for you.


Hope that helped.



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