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What constitutes a new Version of a model

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What constitutes a new Version of a model

I'm working on a collaborate for revit project on the 2018 BIM 360 Teams application.  Recently I had a member from one of our consultants open our model and showed up as a borrower of an element and a view.  Which I know if you select the element, you basically become the borrower so I'm kinda ok with that.  So it got me thinking and I went to look at the "View Versions" via the "Manage Cloud Models" Dialog box and saw the users name listed with one of the "versions".  From my understanding, to create a new "version" requires a user to save a change.  When I questioned the user, the response I received was that all they did was reload the latest and that's what created the new version of the model.  

Can anyone tell me in a technical (but not super technical) what one needs to do in order to create a new "version" of a revit model that's being shared on Team/Document Management.

I'm well aware that we could upgrade to the Doc Management side to deal with user permissions, but we're so close completing the project I was trying to not do that.

Thanks in advance.

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The versions seen in Manage Cloud Models reflect all changes made to the central cloud-hosted version of the model. Therefore these versions correspond directly to Sync with Central events. Other operations like Open and Reload Latest are read-only operations on the central model. 

Sasha Crotty
Director, AEC Design Data

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