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We need you! Design Collaboration for workflows with directly linked models

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We need you! Design Collaboration for workflows with directly linked models

BIM 360 Design Collaboration is currently targeting the workflow where multiple teams are using Revit Cloud worksharing to exchange designs in a ‘low trust’ environment via packages on a timeline.


However, there are many projects where teams collaborate using direct linking to each other’s models, without the need or willingness to additionally create and share packages. And without the chance to use any of the highly valuable Design Collaboration tools like project timeline or the aggregated model view.

How Design Collaboration can facilitate this scenario efficiently, is a potential next area of investment for the product development team, so we want to better understand your requirements and workflows there. As well we want to discuss with you how the aggregated project model, the project timeline, model compare, and other features of Design Collaboration can add most value to a project using direct model linking.


If you are interested to share your ideas and requirements with us please send a note to and we’ll schedule a web session (max. 45 min) with you in the next two weeks.


Thanks a lot in advance,


Markus Briglmeir, Product Manager BIM 360 Design Collaboration

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