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Views from one model overwritting views of another model in A360

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Views from one model overwritting views of another model in A360

I have noticed an issue on one of my A360 projects. Some how the views from my electrical model has overwritten the views of my architectural model in the A360 interface. All of the file names have remained the same throughout the project and the models in Collaboration for Revit are correct. And since when you publish from Collabortion for Revit to A360 you do not have an option to rename file names I am a bit confused as to how the arch model views got overwritten. I welcome and thoughts, suggestions, or insight into this matter.

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Hi mawarren,


This is known issue at the moment and we are working on a solution to the problem.


More info here: 

A360 Team: Model viewer only shows 1st linked file and not host Revit model


This is als discussed in this thread: C4R Publish not working


Sorry for the inconvinience



Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer

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