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Viewport with label that will adjust with line.

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Viewport with label that will adjust with line.



I'm trying to have a label adjust when the view port line adjusts in the project. I can't seem to align or have the position be adjustable...



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Hello @selliottVP8KT,


Thank you for contacting Autodesk Technical Support. My name is Stephen, a Revit specialist, and I'll be happy to help you with your support request.


Let me first clarify what you are looking to achieve: Are you looking to have the View Title text (textbox) be adjustable? Just as the line of the View Title is adjustable? If that is the case, I would suggest making some additional View Title Types and loading those into your project. 


For example, if the title of the view is going to be long, create a new View Title Type where the text wraps to a second line. You would do this by editing the family of your existing View Title, adjusting the text box in the Family Editor, Saving as a new type, and loading into your project. 


Here is more information on Editing and  Customizing View Title Type


If this information helps please let me know and "Accept as Solution" If you are looking to do something different or have more questions, I will be happy to help!



Stephen St. Russell

Technical Support Specialist

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View Title.PNG

Sorry no I should have explained better. I want to make the ref. drw. text in the picture above (sorry not the best picture) a label that moves with the line. I'm just not sure how to do that or if it's even possible.

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in reply to: selliottVP8KT

It's not possible to move the label for each view.  The only ting I can think of is create several types with the label at various location and use them for different viewport title types.

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fair enough... That's what I was thinking but thought I would throw it out there anyways.



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