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using the ACC for our Revit Resources Library (R2024)

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using the ACC for our Revit Resources Library (R2024)

Good morning, Nitin.


My goal is to move our Revit Resources Library (families, container files and templates) to the ACC.  We are using Revit 2024.


I have set up a Test Project and Test Library as ACC projects.  A test model was uploaded using SaveAs Cloud Model: the library families RFA and RTE were initially copied to the Test Library project.  Unfortunately, this is the error I receive:



Then I found that if I save my project template (RTE) to the ACC, it works.  And if I save the family (RFA) to the ACC, it also works.  The container files also need to be saved as cloud models (no surprise there). 


The issue is that my library of families has over 4000 files in a large folder structure (much like the out-of-the-box Autodesk library).  I have tried the ACC’s Upload Files button:



Unfortunately, this mechanism will not upload a folder, only files.  Perhaps I missing something?  To be able to upload a folder, or multiple folders, would save me a several hours or even days


It seems that I can create my company library on the ACC, 1 folder at a time.  But each destination folder on the ACC needs to be individually created first.  I sincerely hope that someone can point me to a method to coping a folder, or multiple folders, from my network (or local) to the ACC Library project.  


Hopefully, I don’t have to go folder by folder …  If someone can show me what I am missing, I will be truly grateful.



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in reply to: Ian_Shafer

Shouldn't you be able to just copy folders to ACC directly if you have desktop connector installed?  I understand that you cannot do it for project files but it should be okay for family files.

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in reply to: Ian_Shafer

Well how about that!  


I spend all my efforts to work within Revit and the ACC mechanisms ... and simply using Windows explorer, my problems are solved.  Thank you for your super fast solution.  


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