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Using Revit 2016 on School Computers

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Using Revit 2016 on School Computers

I work for an IT department in a school district that uses Revit 2016 in one of its computer labs. On our computers, the students are not allowed access to the C drive for network security reasons. When the students use Revit, they have trouble loading template files from the C drive because of their access restrictions. I found a workaround by copying the templates folder from the C drive to a shared drive that the students have access to. This works for the most part but when the students try to create new sheets, the files that they need to load from inside the program are not showing up in the shared folder. I checked the folder outside of the program and the files are indeed in the shared drive. I am not very familiar with the software, so I apologize in advance if my explanation of the situation isn't clear. Pretty much, I need to know if there's a way for Revit to work with a shared drive. 

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Welcome to the community:)


You need to add the template paths in Revit,
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Thank you!

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