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Users unable to open projects through Revit

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Users unable to open projects through Revit



Some users unable to view a project through Revit due to permissions, similar to the issue in this post. However, another user has also been unable to view a project's files, the Revit open window will show all the folders, but once inside, no project files are shown.


We have made sure that all users have the software and licenses assigned, are invited to the projects, and are able to see the projects through 360's website.


Our only assumption is that perhaps there is a problem with these account on Autodesk's end.


Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.

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in reply to: acolin

Hello @acolin


Based on your description of the issue, it seems like the steps in the article Collaboration for Revit: Projects on A360 do not show up in Revit could resolve this problem. Could you please take a look?


Let me know how it goes.



Best regards,



Adham Mokhtar
Technical Support Specialist
San José, Costa Rica

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in reply to: t_mokha

Hi t_mokha,


We did make sure to be using the same Revit version as the one that was used to create the projects. Through some testing, we have narrowed down the issues to the accounts. When we try another account that also has access to the same projects, Revit is able to see and open the projects with no issues.


Switching back to the accounts having issues, the projects again are not showing up, and if visible, will tell the user they do not have access to the project (even though they are a Team Member).




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in reply to: acolin

Hi, Alberto,

I'm Judy, a Revit specialist, and Adham asked me to have a look at your question. I see you've already done some troubleshooting but some users are still not able  to see their projects or get access to them. I'll be happy to try to find a resolution as quickly as possible, as I know people are not able to work until this gets resolved.


First, what version of Revit are you using? Sometimes these problems can arise if everyone doesn't have the latest build of Revit installed, so the first thing I would suggest is to check that everyone has the latest build of whatever version you are using. You can find the build number by clicking the little triangle to the right of the question mark at the top right of the Revit window. Look for "About Autodesk Revit 20XX".  You can find the latest build number for each version of Revit here. Also, please make sure your Collaboration for Revit software is up to date. You can check in your Autodesk Desktop App to see if there are any updates available. 


If software updates don't solve the problem, it would be great if you could send me two things:

- screenshots of what you are seeing when the users try to access the projects

- a journal file from the computers from which people can't get access. Here's the procedure to use to get a good journal for troubleshooting:


Please collect journal files from the affected computer(s) using the following procedure (this link will show you where to find the journal folder). This process will ensure that only the relevant information is recorded in the journal.

  1. Close Revit completely (so that a new session can be started).
  2. Reopen Revit.
  3. Reproduce the issue.
  4. Without closing Revit, collect the latest (highest-numbered) journal file.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Judy Staicer


Product Support Specialist, AEC

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in reply to: acolin

Hi, Alberto,

Just wanted to check in with you to see if you still need some help with this issue. I'll be happy to help if you can send the journal files I mentioned yesterday. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help, or whether you've been able to solve the problem.

Thank you!


Judy Staicer


Product Support Specialist, AEC

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in reply to: Judy_S

Hi Judy,


Yes, we are still looking into this issue. A recent development with this issue occurred: Some users are intermittently able to open Revit, and their projects will show up, for a period of time.

Also, yes, your general understanding is correct, some users are unable to work on certain projects with their autodesk account, and have to temporarily use somebody else's account (same computer, though).

As for the Revit version, it's both 2015 and 2016 (one person running into this issue is working on a 2015 project, everybody else is 2016). We do make sure to have IT update our Autodesk suites fairly often, so there may be few cases where somebody might be an update behind.

As I mentioned above, the people who have problems with their accounts use somebody else's account on their own computer. This is something that struck us as peculiar, as it appeared that it was not due to differing Revit versions involved (e.g. different 2016 versions). We would simply have the users log off their account, log back in using somebody else's account that is also a Project member, and continue to work like that for the time being.

I will get ahold of some screenshots, and journal files in the meantime. I am in the process of collecting these from affected users.


Thanks again.

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