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Users in Communicator

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Users in Communicator

We have some users that are not showing up in the communicator while they are working on an Active C4R project. Has anyone else experianced this? Its not all users just a hand full that are not showing up. 

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in reply to: andrewrider

I understand that some users are not showing up in Communicator while working on an Active C4R project. Please check the following:


1. Make sure all users are on the same build of Revit.

2. Make sure all users are on the same version of  Collaboration for Revit.

3. Clean out cache, Windows Temp and internet history folders.

4. I'm assuming the PC were restated recently, but if not restart and re-open Revit.


I hope this helps and thanks for posting.



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in reply to: andrewrider

How many users do you have on the project?  We have recently discovered that the communicator displays incorrectly in if you have over 50 users, the first in the project will start rolling off communicator.  Users can still work and chat with each other, they will just not show in the project. 


We do have it on the list and it will not impact your ability to continue to work on models.  



Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager

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