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Users can't access BIM 360 Team within Revit

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Users can't access BIM 360 Team within Revit

I purchased 4 Entitlements for our office. I assigned these Entitlements to my users from within the Subscript Account management screen.

The Architect invited then to join their project. They can open the BIM 360 Team site for that project, but when they go to Revit & click Open --> BIM 360 Team, it just says "Loading....." forever. Opened Case #12640924

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This is getting ridiculous. My users still can't access our BIM 360 models. Case 12640924. We're paying for a service we can't use, that you say works out of the box with no IT support. We should have direct phone access to the support team 24/7. We shouldn't have to post on an open forum or submit a trouble ticket & have to wait days for a response. When I have an issue with a Bentley product, I pick up the phone & cal them & get instant results. This is now affecting our project's production (or lack thereof).

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I corrected a problem last week where the communicator was causing Revit 2017 to crash when it finally loaded a model from BIM 360 Team.  Well Friday night they pushed out an update and now I can't connect to the BIM 360 Team at all.  Your right this is a joke.



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in reply to: ScottWeiter5186

Hi Scott, since Autodesk can't\won't help us, maybe we can help each other out.

Do you also have the "Loading..." issue in the open dialog box?

How do you deploy\install Revit?

Do you create a deployment & push it out to your users?

Do you use a .bat file to copy any customized files?

I was doing some trouble shooting on Fri. & had it working again.

I did an uninstall & reinstall, & it started to work, then I ran my .bat file to copy my Revit.ini, some other settings, & add-in's then it stopped working again.

I'm now trying to re-do the uninstall/reinstall process, but I'm have a bigger issue & can't even get Revit to reinstall without crashing the installer.

Maybe if we can figure out what's similar about our setups, we can narrow down what's breaking it.

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in reply to: b_ralphs

I've discovered that the 2017.2 update tries to change the "revit.exe.config" file, but since we copy a customized version of this file after we do the initial installation, the updater didn't update this file. Once I copied a clean/fresh "revit.exe.config" after the 2017.2 update, back into "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2017" the "Loading..." issue went away.


The old "revit.exe.config" was looking for "Skyscraper" (Why did you use a beta name in a production version?) and the new "revit.exe.config" (after 2017.2) is looking for "C4R".

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