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User Permissions for Prepare Project for Upgrade

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User Permissions for Prepare Project for Upgrade

We are upgrading a model from 2016 to 2017 following the instructions posted on November 2nd, 2016 (link below).


At step 6b, where we are supposed to click Prepare Project for Upgrade, our users are only shown a message saying: "You do not have access to any cloud projects." This is despite the fact that they are signed in and able to access the projects through Revit 2016 and the A360 web interface.


The user in question is a project administrator, but not the hub administrator. Are only hub administrators able to prepare projects for upgrade or are we missing a step?


Link to upgrade instructions:

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in reply to: eberkson

Have you created a new project on the A360 website to initiate your upgraded files with? You will not be able to use the old project site as it will be associated with Revit 2106 and not show up in Revit 2017.  

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I see this is an aging post.  Do you still need assistance with this?

(That article really needs a Screencast video to go along with it!)


If you're upgrading from Revit 2016 to Revit 2017, then in step 6, you should be in Revit 2017.

Whomever had access to the project hub prior to the upgrade should be able to do this.

C4R-prepare project for upgrade.png


Please let us know if this is still an issue.

Martin Stewart
AEC Support Specialist

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