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Upgrading a project in BIM 360 TEAM

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Upgrading a project in BIM 360 TEAM

I need help figuring out how to the upgrade an existing collaboration project started in Revit 2015 (also collaborate 2015). I have gone through all the steps outlined in "Upgrade Project Models for Collaboration for Revit (Recommended Method)" but am stumped at the end where it has you open the new model in the Revit 2017. After clicking on the manage models button my project doesn't appear in the list as the directions say it wouldn't. The next step says to click the action icon. I have no action icon to click on. The project folder doesn't exist so there is no other items to select.


Am I missing something? I feel like this upgrade should be a lot easier. I have overwritten the 2015 file with the 2017 file in the project folder and it still does not show up a project in 2017.



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Hi Thad and thank you for your post.  Unfortunately that Project Upgrade method only works from moving a project from 2016 to 2017 as noted at the top.

project upgrade.png


For going from 2015 to 2016 or higher you would need to follow this method.




Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager

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