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Updating your A360 model while in Revit

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Updating your A360 model while in Revit

In order to collaborate with another firm we chose to use A360, A360 Team and C4R to make life a lot easier rather than say using dropbox or other methods.  I am slightly confused and / or suprised about one item.  We uploaded the Revit file while logged into A360 and placed it on our Teams page.  We invited folks to have different levels of access.  All fairly straight forward.  Those of us with C4R then were able to access the model once we opened Revit and selected open A360 on our own computers and sure enough our Revit file was there, actiing as our Centeral File as planned.


The thing I didn't realize was that we had been working on the model for over a week and only just yesterday was I asked why the model on A360 mobile app didn't look any different than the initial uploaded file.  Basically the building didn't have windows at the time it was originally uploaded an now it does.


I was surprised that I had to go back to the Collaboration Tab in Revit, go to the Manage Models area to upload to A360.  Being new at this process I assumed, incorrectly of course, that Synchronizing with Centeral not only updated the C4R model shared by us but I thought the A360 cloud model seen by those who do not have access to Revit.  I was wrong.


I was just wondering what the reason or reasons would be, other than not sharing with a group because the model isn't ready yet, to not have the Synchronize update everything?


Thanks in advance.

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You are correct sycronizing to central does not update the model to be viewed on A360. Syncronizing only saves and updates changes within the C4R model. In order to have the model updated on a360 you need to 'PUBLISH' the revit model. It seems like an unnessecary step but it make sense when you consider potentially how many users and syncs occur everyday on larger projects. We suggest if you have members working in the field that need constantly updated models to access that you have a designated person from your team publishing the model every couple of hours, if a lot of work is being edited in the model. If not at the end of day, everyday is a good best practice to begin. 


To publish the latest version of a model, click (Publish Latest). Click Publish to confirm.

When the action is complete, the (Publish Latest) icon changes to the (Latest Version Published) icon.

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