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Updating of File Versions inside the BIM360 Team project page

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Updating of File Versions inside the BIM360 Team project page



My questions are relating to the version of each revit file that is hosted within a C4R BIM360 team.

I see that all files remain at V1 within the team hub even though many changes (synch to centrals) have been saved.

Should the files autmatically update inside the team page or is this a manual process of uploading the new files?

If i want to share a file using the share tool within BIM360 team page, the link that gets shared is the older, original version of the file, how can i ensure that the latest version of the model, along with all links, gets shared?


thanks for any help or feedback.

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I've since found the answer to my questions is within the manage cloud models area within Revit,  where you need to publish the latest version of each file for it to be view able in the cloud.


However my next question is, how can you get the linked models to show through when viewing the published model in the cloud? 

When you click the publish latest button, a message appears that tells us that all links will be loaded up with the host model but this does not appear to be the case as i cannot see my linked models, only the host model.


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in reply to: Brendan.Upton

Hey Brendan,


this thread may explain what you are looking for:




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